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Brilliant!! Very patient, at times I'm sure I was a bit frustrating when doing things right, then five minutes later doing it wrong! Would definetly recommend to anyone

.Katie Butler. Hythe

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I passed my driving test this morning, I was recommended by my neighbour to Russ. He re built my confidence with driving! Thank you.

 Ellie Stone - Totton

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Russ was an excellent driving instructor, full stop. I felt comfortable and safe behind the wheel from day 1 due to the great teaching service at hand. With Russ's help I was able to complete both my driving theory and practical test first time and I could not thank Russ enough for that. 
Russ Baker is a brilliant driving instructor with 25 years of practice and I would recommend Diamond Drive to anyone wanting to learn to drive.

Harrison McMann. Hythe

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Russ was a great teacher and made me feel very relaxed during my lessons. He gave me the confidence to take my test after a few months and I passed first time! I would highly recommend him and have done so already to friends!

Poppi Morton. Southampton

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Excellent instructor, made great process in all my lessons. Was very nervous at times but Russ made me feel at ease which got me through my test. Would recommend Diamond Drive to anyone who wants to start driving. Thank you Russ!

Ceri Garrett. Totton

A great instructor and he got me to pass first time! :).

Carl Riley. Totton

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Passed 1st time with the help of Russ who is very patient and easy to get along with! I wanted to have some lesson around my college timetable and Russ was extremely flexible with lesson times. Amazing service, can't recommend enough!

Megan Taylor-Trueman- Winsor

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Russ was a great driving instructor and helped me pass my driving test first time. He also taught my brother who also passed first time. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a driving instructor.

Nicola Canning. Totton

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Managed to pass on my second attempt with three minors. Pretty happy with this.

Sam Bird. Rownhams

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I really enjoyed my lessons, Russ was very calm and patient with me, he explained things well and was very informative, I think he would be a very good instructor if you were nervous. Thank you very much for getting me through my test first time with 0 minors.

Ellie Bailey. Totton

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I had driving lessons with Russ for about 6 months. They were irregularly placed and I just texted him to see when he was free to book some lessons when I needed them which was very helpful as I'm usually really busy and needed a flexible instructor. I didn't pass my driving test first time and Russ helped me persevere and helped me realize that although your driving test is a big deal it's not a huge elephant in the room that is impossible to overcome! He explains everything very well and has an excellent method of teaching. I would recommend him to anyone.

Jessica Crouch. Marchwood

Learning with Russ was a pleasure. He is easy going and knew how to keep me calm

Sara Dixey. Totton.

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I have never been a particularly confident driver, and I frequently made mistakes. With the help of Russ teaching me I passed my test first time! If it weren't for the calm and friendly atmosphere in my lessons and Russ' teaching I definitely wouldn't have passed my test first time, so thank you Russ and I highly recommend Diamond Drive if you want calm, friendly and effective driving lessons! :).

Lucy Malcom. Lyndhurst

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Russ, my instructor was amazing! He taught me at my own pace, was very patient and just a great all round instructor! Very friendly and worth every penny! Passed my test first time!

Danielle Lamb. Southampton

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I passed first time with Diamond Drive, I was a nervous driver and was good at making mistakes! But my instructor pushed me through, still can't believe I passed!! Huge thank you to Russ who put up with me:) highly recommend.

Gina Chick. Lyndhurst

When I first contacted Russ I was a relatively experienced learner driver having had lessons before and having access to my own car. After taking a few months break from lessons what I needed was a few to get me up to test standard and to also learn manoeuvres. I wrote this on the application for driving lessons and Russ really did take this on board. From the get go he let me drive, when I did things wrong he didn't get mad but told me what I did wrong and how to improve it next time. Closer to my test date we started doing lessons in my own car, as I wanted to do the test in my own car too. This really helped improve my confidence with driving because I could practice with my dad in the same car, so it's really great that Russ let me do that. He also offers a student discount, and being a university student this really came in useful for me. Russ really listens to what you need help with, and often asks if there is anything in particular that you would like to do that lesson, which in my case was usually manoeuvres. I ended up passing with only one minor driving fault and it's 100% down to Russ' teaching. Thank you Russ! :).

Maise Archer. Totton


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Russ is an amazing driving instructor who helped me from day one to build my confidence in driving, I was a nervous wreck before my first lesson and my lesson was so great I then looked forwards to every lesson I had! With a Pass first time with 5 minor faults I would 100% recommend Diamond Drive to anyone who is looking for a reliable, laid back, thorough driving instructor! Thanks Russ!!

Holly Dunning. Lyndhurst

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Russ helped with nerves from my very first lesson, and made the whole learning to drive an enjoyable experience.
Passing with only one minor fault is all down to russ and his teachings.
Would happily recommend diamond drive to anyone looking to learn.

Mark Rasey. Totton

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Russ is perfect for anyone who is anxious to start driving but lack the self-confidence to push themselves forward. Extremely competent, Russ has really brought-out my self-esteem and confidence in my own ability to drive. All the lessons encourage you to develop skills without being daunting or pushy. He is relaxed and patient which are qualities that reflect both his character and professionalism.
With a high success rate from the quality lessons he delivers, I would recommend Russ for anyone, including nervous-starters like me!

Rebecca Allenby. Totton

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Russ was not only a brilliant driving instructor, but also a really nice and laid back guy. At no point did I feel nervous or under any pressure when I was learning with him, his calmness and way of teaching created a great environment to learn. 
I can not recommend Russ highly enough. Thanks mate.

Justin Bryant. Marchwood


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I had russ as a driving instructor and he was amazing, I passed first time with only four minors and it was all thanks to him. Hes every easy to talk to and made me fell calm and comfortable when learning to drive. I have and would recommend him to everyone! He's amazing!!

Katy Farrell. Totton

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Absolutely brilliant driving instructor. I had one before diamond drive so I can compare diamond to others and I can honestly that this driving school is fantastic. I would and will be recommending to all of my friends!

Charlie Flide. Marchwood

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Just passed my test 1st time with only 3 minors after learning with Russ. He is friendly, patient and reliable. The lessons were always well planned and we covered a lot which meant I learned something new every time. I would strongly recommended him to anyone who is looking to drive. Time and money well spent!

Amy Ramswell. Totton

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Russ was an amazing instructor and from the first lesson I had with him I was completely relaxed and enjoying driving around. The lessons were always fun and relaxing and he made everything seem so simple and easy for me. I will be recommending russ to everybody, not only does he teach you how to drive safely and very well he also makes it fun and enjoyable and something you look forward to every week. Thanks again Russ! 

Luke Turvey. Totton

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Russ was an excellent instructor, I would highly recommend him! I was extremely nervous on my first lesson but Russ put me at ease and I was in 5th gear by the end of the lesson! He is very patient and easy to get along with. I passed first time and was doing my lessons for 4 months. Couldn't of asked for a better instructor.

Ellie Williams (Totton)


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Russ is a such a fantastic driving instructor. He was so patient with me, never missed the lesson. Thank you Russ for everything. I would recommend you to everyone who'a looking for an driving instructor. Money well spent :-).

Monika Wojcik (Millbrook)


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Russ has been a brilliant instructor making me feel calm and comfortable in the car when I have never driven before and has made me progress very quickly which lead me to passing first time, car is great to learn in and russ will answer any question and will help out at all times if needed, definitely recomend, thanks again.

Harry Lodge (West Totton)


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Excellent teacher, had me driving the car home on my first lesson without touching the dual controls. Helped me progress quickly, passed in around 27 hours of instruction. Very patient and calm when teaching difficult maneuvers or when student is unsure. Car is suitable for learning, well equipped and easy to drive. Overall a great service, very highly recommended.

Alistair Hammond (Bartley)


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Absolutely brilliant! Russ is a relaxed and friendly instructor that teaches you at a suitable pace. He is so enthusiastic and accommodating. I was nervous for my first lesson, but he instantly made me feel capable. Great instructor! Would thoroughly recommend Diamond Drive!

Joe Ellis (Cadnam)


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Russ has been a brilliant driving instructor. He's incredibly calm and patient, which really helped build my confidence. I passed first time and highly recommend Diamond Drive to anyone looking for an instructor.

Madeleine Bates (Shirley)


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Brilliant instructor, very patient and understanding which is what you need !

Katie Baker (Shirley)


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Russ is chilled out and easy to talk to. He will answer any questions you have and make you feel comfortable whilst driving. Russ helped me to pass my test first time! Would recommend to anybody.

Carmine McClean (Totton)


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Russ was really good couldn't of done it without him. Defently recommend him

George Woodall (Totton)

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Russ was fantastic as my driving instructor. He made learning to drive a comfortable, calm and enjoyable experience. I always felt in good hands and his friendly and patient manner put me at ease from the word go. The lessons were all well planned and we covered a good amount quickly, but he always taught at a pace that suited me, happy to fit in any particular practice I wanted to do of things covered in previous lessons and only moving on when confident I'd grasped the latest lesson fully. If you're hunting around for an instructor then look no further - I couldn't recommend Russ more highly!

Chris Williams (Shirley)

Russ is great instructor, would recomend him to anyone looking for a quality service.

Aaron Carey. (Totton)

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Great driving instructor, defiantly recommend Russ for anyone thats looking for a good instructor and good service.

Dan Ridley. (Totton)

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Russ Baker was a great driving instructor for me, I never felt under too much pressure and he never let me get overconfident. I felt very comfortable in the car as Russ was always calm. I passed first time which was great! As I need a car for my career I can't thank Russ enough!

Laurence Henderson (Shirley)

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Just passed my test with Russ after switching from another instructor I was not happy with. After a few months of lessons with Russ I felt ready and prepared to take my test. Russ is always patient and approachable if you are struggling with the lessons.

I have also completed a pass plus with Russ which as really helpful. Thanks again.

Gemma Fox (Southampton)

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Exceptional driving instructor! Very patient and easy to get on with! Passed 1st time!! Would highly recommend to anyone! Cheers Russ!!
Sean Hammerton (Romsey)

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I'd highly recommend learning to drive with Diamond Drive. Russ is a fantastic instructor, very likeable and easy to get on with. He is a great teacher and has an easygoing manner which always made me feel at ease, even when facing new challenges. Most of all Russ had the knack of bringing my confidence back when things hadn't gone quite to plan! If Russ can teach me to pass 1st time after putting learning off for 15 years he can do it for anyone! I always looked forward to our lessons and our chats about football and Saints. Thanks Russ!

David Wilkie(Maybush)

Russ is exceptionally patient, something to which I can personally attest, and gave a thorough and systematic explanation of everything that is required of a learner driver. Throw in his being consistently punctual and exceedingly well organised and you have a driving instructor who, honestly, I couldn't recommend more. 
Sam Pickering. North Baddesley
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"I enjoyed each and every one of my lessons with Russ, he was very patient and made me feel very comfortable whilst driving. Driving is now a huge part of my life and I can't thank him enough. I would recommend Diamond Drive to anyone."

Luke Winter (West Wellow)

Excellent driving instructor!! Russ is very patient and takes you through each step thoroughly, making sure you're completely confident, before moving on. He's friendly and
has a great sense of humour. Thanks Russ :).

Christine Kerr- Totton

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Great instructor! Patient, reliable and very happy - helped me pass my driving test extremely well.

Becky Hardy (West End)

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Learnt with Russ about 14 years ago and still in contact with him, says it all! Passed 1st time with 5 minors.

Stuart Vokes (Totton)