Before you can apply and book a practical Driving test you need to pass the Theory test first. The Theory Test currently costs £31 and most people book it on line. Be very careful though as some websites will book it on your behalf  but will charge you money to do so. The best way to book it is at the following site which is the official one.

Find out all you need to know about the Theory Test by watching the above film

Am I ready to take and Pass the Practical Driving Test ? The above short film may help you decide

As with the Theory Test most people now book the actual Practical Test on-line. It should be done at the following link which, once again , is the official booking site. . You should only book your practical test when we have both decided you are ready. I do not take people for their tests unless they have a realistic chance of passing. My Approved Driving Instructor Licence details are recorded by the Examiners before each and every test. I would be heavily criticized by them if I presented a pupil for test who wasn't ready. I have a very good reputation with all the examiners and a very high first time pass rate for this very reason. I carry out frequent Mock Driving Tests prior to your actual test to judge your likelyhood of passing. I also normally require at least two weeks notice of any impending test to give yourself time to fully prepare yourself.

Practical Test Times and Prices

Standard driving test times are 8.40, 9.37, 10.44, 11.41, 13.33, 14.30, 15.27.

The DSA now offer some alternative staggered test times throughout the day at selected test centres only.

Driving Test Prices


Practical test Weekdays = Car £62.00

Practical test Weekend and Weekday evenings(after 4:30pm) Car = £75.00

Extended test for Disqualified drivers Weekdays Car = £124.00

Extended test for Disqualified drivers Saturdays Car = £150.00

This short film explains The Independent Driving Section of the Driving Test

A film about the engine checks for the Show Me/Tell Me part of the test.