Covid 19 Virus Lesson Advice and requirements.

1) Before your lesson could you please ensure that you have washed your hands with soap and hot water for at least 20 seconds

2) If weather condition allow the car windows will be open during the lesson to ensure plenty of ventilation. Please wear warm clothing if you think you may get cold. 

3) If possible please bring the exact payment for lessons to reduce the handling of cash or you could pay for the lessons electronically the day before.

4) DO NOT COME to your appointment, if you have any signs of covid-19 virus, including a raised temperature or a persistent cough or loss of smell and taste.

5) You will need to inform me if you have been self isolating or shielding due to being exposed to covid-19. You will also have to inform me immediately if you have any covid-19 symptoms AFTER having your appointment.

6) Please be aware that Driving lessons may have to be cancelled by myself at short notice if I Test Positive for Covid 19

Under review. Last Updated September 2022